About Us

The Kimberley Lodging Company Ltd. (KLC) has been in operating since 2004 and is the largest property management company in Kimberley, BC.  We have the largest inventory and variety of condominiums at the Kimberley Alpine Resort.  We manage over 100 condominium units among eight different complexes.  These complexes include the following:

Sullivan Stone Lodge Lodges at Kimberley Ridge Rocky Condos Timberstone
Purcell Condos North Star Chalets Chicamon Springs Lodge Copper Springs Chalets

For a downloadable copy of our rental management agreement, please click on PDF file at the bottom of this page.


In November 2004, the Kimberley Lodging Company Ltd. was established, purchased Mountain Edge Management Inc. and assumed the rental management of Kimberley Ridge, Copper Springs and some NorthStar units.  In 2008, KLC acquired the rental management companies of the Purcell and Rocky Mountain, Sullivan Stone and Chicamon Springs complexes.

The Kimberley Lodging Company now focuses solely on the rental management of  units at the Kimberley Alpine Resort and works hand in hand with our Strata Property managers, Highland Property Management.


KLC rental management services include, but are not exclusive to the following:


Our reservations staff are experienced, local people who have excellent knowledge of the units they work with and the overall rental market conditions at the Kimberley Alpine Resort.  Our high percentage of repeat and word of mouth referral guests demonstrates our understanding of the importance of guest satisfaction and retention.  

KLC employs two head housekeepers and 5-12 support staff depending on seasonality.  Major effort and resources are allocated to our housekeeping department, as maintaining high housekeeping standards is a top priority for our company.  KLC does not provide housekeeping services for units that are not under our rental management.  

KLC is the sole owner of Kimberley's only commercial laundry facility, Vicious Cycle Laundry Services Inc.   This is fundamental to the success of our rental operation as it allows us to effectively process large volumes of laundry, quickly.  

Our Website development and maintenance is done in house.  This allows for frequent updates and constant tweaking of our website, www.kimberleycondos.com.  Having worked at the website optimization for the past 8 years, we have achieved and now sustain very high rankings on all major seach engines.   KLC holds one seat on the board of Directors of Kimberley's Destination Marketing Organization (DMO), Tourism Kimberley.  This organization has a collaborative marketing plan and budget which consists of funds and input from all of Kimberley's tourism stakeholders.  It is now in the second year of operation, and much progress has been made.

All hot tub related services are contracted out to our supplier, Felko Maintenance.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Owners under KLC Rental Management.

1) What is the difference between rental management and strata management?

Strata management is governed by the BC Strata Act and deals with all aspects concerning the exterior of strata properties.  This includes but is not exclusive to:

general building maintenance

snow removal

cable television

garbage removal

implementation of strata budget

management of strata contingency reserve

coordination of strata annual general meetings.

KLC does not provide strata management services but has a working relationship with strata property managers, Highland Property Management, based out of Cranbrook, BC.

Rental management is provided on a unit to unit basis and deals with the nightly rental of accommodation at the Kimberley Alpine Resort.  Please refer to above box for more detailed information.  

KLC is the largest property management company in Kimberley, BC, managing 32% of the units on hill at the Kimberley Alpine Resort.  

2) How much revenue can I expect my unit to generate in a year?

(As of August 2014)  During 2004 - 2008, Kimberley Alpine Resort underwent a construction boom in Resort Accommodation.  As such there is a surplus of rental accommodation on the market and annual occupancy (excluding owner usage) is approximately 25%.  Therefore, potential purchasers should be aware that rental revenues do not cover the costs of the units, especially when capital carrying costs are taken into consideration. 

If potential purchasers are 1) looking for long term capital gains, or 2) would like to use their unit often for personal reasons, the investment will likely work.  Currently, potential purchasers should not rely on rental revenue to carry the investment.

3) How often can I use my unit?

Given the aforementioned occupancy rates, KLC encourages owner usage of unit.  We work with owners to rent their units out to guests and charge a cleaning fee for after unit is used.  KLC charges a $30 administration fee for owner guest bookings.  There is no administration charge when owners or their immediate family use the unit.  

The current rental situation in Kimberley is such that there are seven nights per year with 100% occupancy across the Resort.  These are the 4 nights over New Year's and 3 nights over the Alberta Family Holiday (mid February).  In the event that the unit is not available for rental as a result of owner, or owner guest usage, the KLC management fee applies.

4) How do I book my unit?

Owners can view the live availability of their unit online, by logging in.  In order to book your unit, owners are asked to email to our office with the dates requested and name of the guests.  It is imperative that owners complete this procedure and recieve email confirmation from our office,  to ensure that unit is ready for arrival.  As per rental management agreement, owner bookings must be made 48 hours in advance.

5) Who can use my unit?

KLC encourages owner usage and owner guests usage.  To this extend KLC has developed a webpage for each unit that we manage.  We encourage owner to use this webpage to market their unit.  KLC charges a $30 + GST administration fee for any owner guest bookings.  This is for owner guests only and does not apply to owner bookings or bookings for owners' immediate family.

6) How is it determined which unit is rented first?

KLC does not pool rental revenue for the different complexes that we manage.  Owners receive their percentage of the nightly rate based on the number of nights booked. Units are renovated and have additional amenities (Gameboy, additional DVD player, etc.) rent more than units that are not upgraded.  For the older complexes on the hill, namely Mountain Edge and Silver Birch, KLC will not enter into a management agreement unless the units have been substantially renovated, including but not excluded to new paint, flooring and furniture.

When guests reserve a room, there are many variable that are taken into consideration:

Which complex they choose to stay in, usually based on price.

Number of guests.

Bed configuration.

Preference for upper or lower unit.

Preference for view, or corner unit.

Consideration of who is staying in surrounding rooms (i.e. family with children would not stay adjacent to golf group)

Repeat guests often request the unit they have stayed in prior.

The above list is partial but gives an idea of what variables are taken into consideration when booking.  Having taken the guests requests into consideration, it is the goal of KLC to ensure that all units are rented out fair and equitable and that the revenue for the respective units are as equal as possible.

For information on the selling and purchasing of real estate in the Kimberley area, KLC can recommend Marilyn Jolie from EK Realty as she is experienced and knowledgable regarding the Kimberley Real Estate Market.  For more information please visit her website at:  www.marilynjolie.com